An update from WP29 on the “right to be forgotten” in Europe

On June 18, 2015, the Article 29 Working Party (WP29) released a press statement to share the results of a survey launched to evaluate the EU practice regarding de-listing requests.

A little more than one year ago the European Court of Justice (“ECJ) issued its famous”right-to-be-forgotten”decision in the Costeja case, C-131/12, holding that data subjects have a right to obtain the delisting of links appearing in the search results based on their name.

According to WP 29’s statement:

  • data protection authorities received almost two thousand requests, the majority of which concerned Google’s search engine;
  • the consistency of decisions is ensured through the use of the WP29 common criteria (see here);
  • in order to handle complaints, all data protection authorities have established a dedicated team responsible for reviewing, evaluating and responding to the complaints;
  • in the great majority of cases the refusal to delist is justified by the fact that the information is directly related to (i) the professional activity of the individual, (ii) current events or (iii) purpose of the processing.

ARTICLE 29 Data Protection Working Party press release, dated June 18, 2015, is available at…  Open Pdf 

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