The New York Unified Court System, “Electronic Discovery in New York State Courts” – A Report to the Chief Judge and Chief Administrative Judge

From the Report:

“This report makes a number of recommendations to address these problems by generally increasing awareness of what is at stake, and giving judges and court staff the enhanced training, tools and procedures they need to take an early, active role in e-discovery…The findings and recommendations in this report are based on extensive research and interviews with many of the State’s leading e-discovery experts, including judges, practicing attorneys and law clerks. Notably, this report does not address certain unresolved legal and policy issues particularly associated with e-discovery, such as the allocation of e-discovery costs between the parties…Rather, the recommendations in this report focus on how the courts can manage e-discovery in a more expert, efficient and cost-effective manner within the framework of existing law. This is an eminently achievable goal, and one that is critical to ensuring that the New York State courts remain at the forefront of jurisdictions addressing the emerging challenges presented by e-discovery.”


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