Allyson Haynes Stuart, The 3 “C’s” of Ethics in E-Discovery. Part One

E-discovery is inseparable from the issue of ethics. Because lawyer duties and requirements permeate the realm of e-discovery, they invariably implicate lawyers’ ethical duties. This is illustrated by the fact that the most notorious e-discovery cases are ones where lawyers

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The 3 “C’s” of Ethics in E-Discovery Allyson Haynes Stuart – Part Two

Read Part One II. Candor F.R.C.P. 26(g) has its own Rule-11-type signature provision for discovery requests, responses and objections. If the certification of truthfulness, completeness, and propriety in law and fact violates the rule “without substantial justification,” the court is

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Victor Li, Looking back on Zubulake, 10 years later

ABA Journal, Sept. 2014 The author discusses the Zubulake cases and the consequences that the decision had for the E-Discovery industry. Referenced Authority Zubulake IV Zubulake V Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(b)(1); 37(e)   The full text is available at http://www.abajournal…


Social Media Guidelines issued by the Social Media Committee of the Federal and Commercial Litigation Section of the New York Bar Association

The Committee has issued interesting guidelines for those many lawyers who use social media in their practice. These are some of those guidelines: “Guideline No. 1.A – Applicability of Advertising Rules” “Guideline No. 1.B: Prohibited Use of “Specialists” on Social


Nathan M. Crystal, Using Social Media to Investigate Juror

South Carolina Lawyer 10 (Jul. 2014) Author discusses the basic principles that govern lawyers’ conduct while using social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to obtain information in litigation about parties, witnesses, and jurors. From the article: “Several basic

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Huron Consulting Group, Curtailing the Costs of E-Discovery

From the Article: “E-discovery practice continues to evolve, resulting in increasing complexity and, with it, greater risks. Recent cases and developments offer new insights and interpretations of existing issues, while new practices and technology, such as cloud computing, intelligent review

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