Illinois State Bar Association Opinion 16-06

ISBA Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion No. 16-06   Topic: Confidentiality; Conflicts of Interest   Digest of the ISBA: A lawyer may use cloud-based services in the delivery of legal services provided that the lawyer takes reasonable measures to ensure that the client information remains confidential and is protected from breaches. The lawyer’s obligation to protect the […]

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Supreme Court of Tennessee Formal Opinion 2015-F-159 on lawyers’ use of cloud services

Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee   Topic: Lawyers’ use of cloud services   From the opinion A lawyer may ethically allow confidential client information to be stored in “the cloud” if the lawyer takes reasonable care to assure that: (1) all such information or materials remain confidential; and (2) reasonable […]

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Alaska Bar Association Ethics Committee Opinion No. 2014-3

Topic: Cloud Computing and the Practice of Law  Conclusion of the Committee:  “A lawyer may use cloud computing for file storage as long as he or she takes reasonable steps to ensure that sensitive client information remains confidential and safeguarded.  With the issuance of this opinion, Alaska joins the community of bar associations concluding that […]

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Florida Bar Opinion 12-3

Professional Ethics of the Florida Bar  Conclusion of the Opinion: “In summary, lawyers may use cloud computing if they take reasonable precautions to ensure that confidentiality of client information is maintained, that the service provider maintains adequate security, and that the lawyer has adequate access to the information stored remotely. The lawyer should research the […]

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Connecticut Bar Association Informal Opinion 2013-07

Professional Ethics Committee  Question Addressed by the Committee: “whether it is permissible under the Rules of Professional Responsibility for a lawyer to use cloud computing in the practice of law.” From the Opinion: “Lawyers may use cloud services in their practice to promote mobility, flexibility, organization and efficiency. However, lawyers must be conscientious to comply […]

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Virginia Bar Association, Legal Ethics Opinion 1872

Ethics Committee Topic: Virtual Law Office, cloud computing From the Opinion: “This opinion is an examination of the ethical issues involved in a lawyer or firm’s use of a virtual law office, including cloud computing, and/or executive office suites. These issues include marketing, supervision of lawyers and nonlawyers in the firm, and competence and confidentiality when […]

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New Hampshire Bar Association Opinion #2012-13/4

New Hampshire Bar Association’s Ethics Committee  (submitted for publication by the NHBA Board of Governors at its February 21, 2013 meeting) Topic: The Use of Cloud Computing in the Practice of Law Summary of the Committee: “The internet has changed the practice of law in many ways, including how data is stored and accessed. ‘Cloud […]

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Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar Opinion #207

Professional Ethics Commission Topic: The Ethics of Cloud Computing and Storage Question presented to the Commission: “Is it ethical for Maine attorneys to use cloud computing and storage for client matters?” Short answer of the Commission: “Yes, assuming safeguards are in place to ensure that the attorney’s use of this technology does not result in […]

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