Pennsylvania Bar Association Opinion 2007-100

Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Topic: Rights of Access, Possession and Copying, Along with Retention Considerations From the Opinion: “This Formal Opinion supersedes all prior inconsistent opinions of the Committee and should be reviewed for guidance by Pennsylvania lawyers when they are opening, closing or taking other action with respect to the contents of […]

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New York Judicial Ethical Advisory Opinion 07-135

Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics of the New York State Unified Court System’s Office Topic: Judge’s website content Digest of the Committee: “(1) A judge who is a candidate for judicial office may include a link on his/her campaign website to published newspaper articles about the judge. (2) A judge who is a candidate for […]

Texas Ethics Opinion 570

Professional Ethics Committee For the State Bar of Texas Topic: “
Under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, may a lawyer refuse a former client’s request to disclose or turn over the lawyer’s notes made in the course of and in furtherance of his representation of the client? “   Conclusion of the Committee: “Under […]

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District of Columbia Bar Opinion 335

Opinion No. 335 of the District of Columbia Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee Topic: “Whether a Lawyer May, as Part of a Settlement Agreement, Prohibit the Other Party’s Lawyer From Disclosing Publicly Available Information About the Case” Committee’s Summary: “A settlement agreement may not compel counsel to keep confidential and not further disclose in promotional materials […]

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Louisiana State Bar Association Public Opinion 06-RPCC-008

Rules of Professional Conduct Committee   Topic: Client File Retention Conclusion of the Committee: “There is no comprehensive rule on retaining closed client files. The rule relating to safekeeping of clients’ funds should be consulted and a file retention policy based on good judgment should be developed by every law firm and solo practitioner for […]


Virginia State Bar Association, Legal Ethics Opinion 1818

Standing Committee on Legal Ethics An inquiring attorney presented a factual scenario of clients preferring and sometimes requiring the attorney to send documents to the client in electronic format.  The Committee was asked whether or not an attorney (1) must maintain a paper copy of the client’s file during the representation, (2) may destroy paper […]

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