Louise Lark Hill, Symposium on Legal Ethics for the Transactional Lawyer: Technology – A Motivation Behind Recent Model Rule Revisions, 40 N. Ky. L. Rev. 315 (2013)

Excerpt: “After several years of work, in May 2012, the American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 20/20 (‘Ethics 20/20’) presented proposals for updating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (‘Model Rules’) ‘to keep pace with social change and the evolution of law practice.’ The American Bar Association (‘ABA’) created Ethics 20/20 in 2009 ‘to tackle the […]

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Justin P. Murphy & Adrian Fontecilla, Social Media Evidence in Government Investigations and Criminal Proceedings: A Frontier of New Legal Issues

19 Rich. J.L. & Tech 11 (2013), available at http://jolt.richmond.edu/v19i3/article11.pdf   From the Article: “As the newest pillar of communication in today’s society, social media is revolutionizing how the world does business, discovers and shares news, and instantly engages with friends and family.  Not surprisingly, because social media factors into the majority of cases in some […]


Nathan M. Crystal, Ethics Watch: So You Are Thinking About Moving – A Primer on Ethical Obligations of Departing Lawyers and Their Firms

South Carolina Lawyer 10 (March 2013) Author discusses various aspects involved when lawyers leave a firm. He suggests the drafting of partnership agreements to reduce the possibility of disputes and describes the clauses that should be included therein. The full text of part II is available at: http://www.nathancrystal…

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Nathan M. Crystal, Ethics Watch: The Year in Review (2012)

South Carolina Lawyer 8 (January 2013) Originally published as Ethics Watch: The Year in Review (2012), South Carolina Lawyer 8 (January 2013) Author reviews the most important developments in technology and ethics around the country in 2012: (i) Advertising – legal information websites; (ii) Advertising – misrepresentation on websites; (iii) Attorney-client relationship – formation and obligations […]

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Nathan M. Crystal, Excerpt from Professional Responsibility – Problems of Practice and the Profession – Recording by Lawyers

In Formal Opinion 01-422, the ABA Committee withdrew Opinion 337 and took a more generous view of recording by lawyers. The Committee decided that secret recording was not necessarily dishonest. The Committee cautioned lawyers that they could not engage in secret recording that violated the law of the jurisdiction where the recording occurred, nor could […]

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