Catherine Foti, Social Media for Attorneys: Good Business or Ethical Minefield?

Author warns New York lawyers using social media that: –          attorney advertising and solicitation rules apply to social media posts; –          attorneys must beware of “pre-defined” headings used in social media networking sites. The full text is available at: http://www.forbes…

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Canadian lawyers served libel notice via Twitter

A Canadian law firm served libel notice via Twitter: “We are the solicitors for Warren Kinsella. Please find attached our client’s Notice of Libel.” It should be noticed that the alleged libel took place on Twitter.The contested tweets been posted by Defendant Nick Kouvalis, a political advisor in Toronto mayoral election. The tweets  mocked Plaintiff Warren […]


Technology and Ethics (“Technethics”) – 2013 in Review – Part Two

Originally published as Ethics Watch: Technology and Ethics (“Technethics”): 2013 in Review, South Carolina Lawyer 14 (March 2014) Bidding on the name of a competitor firm to obtain a sponsored link above the competitor in a Google search does not violate Wisconsin’s privacy law.  Under Wisconsin law use of a person’s name for advertising purposes without […]

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Richard P. Callison, Social Media and the Clash of Competence and Communication in the Juror Selection Process

Concerned about the ethical propriety of researching the venire? Perhaps lawyers should be equally concerned about failing to employ investigative tactics to aid in jury selection. New York City Bar Formal Opinion 2012-2 illustrates this issue: “Just as the internet and social media appear to facilitate juror misconduct, the same tools have expanded an attorney’s […]

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