Study on the use of social media in workplaces around the world

On April 29, Proskauer released the report “Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0” which analyzed the use that businesses and their employees do of social media – like Facebook and LinkedIn – on the workplace.

According to the report, around 90% of businesses use social media for business purposes. Around 50% of these businesses started using them in the last 3 years. Consequently, in the last two years there has been an “increase in the number of businesses that have implemented social media policies. In addition, many businesses have introduced measures to address the specific risks arising out of social media misuse by their employees, such as bullying and harassment, misuse of confidential information and the making of disparaging comments about businesses and colleagues.” However, Proskauer finds that businesses could still do more to reduce the risks deriving from the use of social media by their employees and provides for 5 best practices tips that could help businesses deal with this threat.

Report “Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0” is available at http://www.proskauer…


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