Bidding on the name of a competitor firm to obtain a sponsored link above the competitor in a Google search does not violate Wisconsin’s privacy law

Under Wisconsin law use of a person’s name for advertising purposes without the person’s consent violates the right of privacy.  In Rottier, v. Cannon, 828 N.W.2d 876 (WI Ct. App. 2013), rev. denied, 839 N.W.2d 616 (2013), the defendant law firm purchased the

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Francesca Giannoni-Crystal, “Something’s got to give” – Cloud Computing, as applied to lawyers – Comparative approach US and EU and practical proposals to overcome differences – My presentation at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa, Italy) Symposium “Getting around the cloud(s) – Technical and legal issues on Cloud services” (November 30, 2013)

Ms. Giannoni-Crystal provides thoughts on benefits and risks of cloud computing for an American based international law firm. She analyzes the approach of American jurisdictions on cloud computing. She also discusses the implications of privacy laws on a law firm’s

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Nathan M. Crystal, New York City Bar approves Report providing guidance to lawyers in using cloud computing services.

“He has his head in the clouds,” – a familiar expression used to refer to someone who is theoretical, impractical, or dreamy.  However, for lawyers today being in the clouds is not only practical, it may be “inevitable.” Cloud computing

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Nicole Black, Will Encrypted Communications Using Cloud Computing Platforms Soon be Commonplace for Lawyers?,

From the Article: “Accordingly, because email is outmoded, inherently unsecure, and there are now more secure forms of electronic communication available, I predict that within two years or so, lawyers in most jurisdictions will choose to, or be required to,

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