An update from Google on the “right to be forgotten” in Europe

images (22)In November 2015, Google published a report accounting for European privacy requests for search removals after the European Court of Justice issued its famous “right-to-be-forgotten” decision in the Costeja case, C-131/12, holding that data subjects have a right to obtain the delisting of links appearing in the search results based on their name.

According to the document, Google evaluated the removal of 1,239,955 URLs. The majority of requests for removal came from France, followed by Germany, UK, Spain and Italy.

42% of the requests received by Google were accepted. 58% of the URLs were not removed. The ration between removal and non-removal has remained moreover the same of last year (see here)

Google’s report is available at…

More information on the right to be forgotten is available at…

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