Is judges’ anonymous posting a good idea? Probably not

Judicial Discipline & Disability Comm’n v. Maggio,2014 Ark. 366,2014 Ark. LEXIS 468(Ark.2014)

Judge Mike Maggio admittedly blogged and commented under the pseudonym of “geauxjudge” in public electronic forum  “”. Among the other posts, he also commented on a confidential adoption of a child by a Hollywood star.

On september 11, 2014, the Supreme Court of Arkansas accepted the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission’s findings of fact and suspended and removed the judge from office:

” we deem any further suspension with pay to be inappropriate. Instead, this court concludes that immediate removal is the just and proper sanction for the judge’s conduct. Therefore, we order the removal of Judge Maggio from judicial office, effective as of the date of this opinion. By this order, Judge Maggio is henceforth prohibited from holding any judicial office in the State of Arkansas.”

Rules: Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission Rule 12(D) (2013)

Full decision at t: http://media.arkansasonline…


BTW, read here some of the comments posted by (former) Judge Maggio.


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