Canadian Government seeks input on new Cloud Adoption Strategy

images (31)On July 27, 2016, the Government of Canada released a Cloud Adoption Strategy for public comments. Canada will leverage a new IT service-delivery model, aiming at maintaining good IT services in a time of growing demand for online services and a timely access to accurate information.

The document focuses on:

  • the Right Cloud adoption strategy. The document approaches cloud adoption recognizing that no single cloud model can meet all of the Canadian Government’s requirements;
  • an approach to managing security risks tailored to the cloud. In order to protect Canadians’ data and privacy the document provides a table to guide agencies in selecting the appropriate cloud-security control profile, the level of required level of cloud security depends on the category of data;
  • a series of adoption principles providing guidance to chief information officers; and
  • the future vision for a Canadian public sector community cloud to “bring together Canadian public sector buyers with public cloud-service providers, brokered and security-assessed by the GC”.

The Government has opened for comments and suggestions on the strategy.

Government of Canada Cloud Adoption Strategy is available at…

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