Commission of the European Communities, Staff Working Paper, SEC (2004) 1323

Commission Staff Working Paper, The implementation of Commission Decision 520/2000/EC of 26 July 2000 pursuant to Directive 95/46 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the adequate protection of personal data provided by the Safe Harbour Privacy Principles and related Frequently Asked Questions issued by the US Department of Commerce


From the Working Paper:

In order to assess the implementation of the Safe Harbour decision, this report looks into the following issues. First, it identifies trends in the compliance of registered US organisations with certification rules and with the terms of the Safe Harbour privacy Principles and related FAQs. Second, it examines whether the elements to support the implementation of the Principles and FAQs work in practice.


Referenced Authority: Directive 95/46/EC, Article 25(6); Safe Harbor Principles


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