IoT & Big Data – 36th Int’l Conference of Data Prot. & Privacy Comm’r adopts a declaration

On October 15, 2014, data protection officials at the 36th International Conference Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners adopted a declaration on the Internet of things (“IoT”) and a resolution on big data.

The IoT declaration highlights how connected devices have become part of our lives and can reveal intimate details about habits and preferences. According to the declaration, the data derived from IoT are valuable and shall be treated as personal data. Companies should have a transparent privacy policy and protect the data by design (protective measures should be in place form the outset).

The big data resolution call organizations making use of big data to do (at least): (i) respect the principle of purpose specification; (ii) limit the amount of data collected; (iii) obtain valid consent; (iv) be transparent; (v) give individuals access to the data; and (vi) develop and use Privacy by Design.

The IoT declaration is available at http://www.privacyconference2014…

The big data resolution is available at http://www.privacyconference2014…


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