District of Columbia Bar Opinion 361

Opinion No. 361 of the District of Columbia Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee

Summary of the Committee:

Lawyer’s Acceptance of Compensation From Non–Lawyer Entity for Referring Client to Such Entity; Opinion 245 Overruled in Part”

“A lawyer who refers a client to a non–lawyer service provider such as a financial services firm may accept compensation from the provider for the referral so long as the criteria of Rule 1.7(c) and, if applicable, Rules 1.8(a) and 5.7 are satisfied. Those criteria are exacting, however, and the arrangement may be beyond the lawyer’s malpractice coverage even if permitted by the Rules.”

Rules: 1.7 (Conflict of Interest: General); 1.8(a) (Conflict of Interest: Specific Rules); 5.7 (Responsibilities Regarding Law-Related Services)


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