EU Data Protection Regulation update: EU Council reaches agreement also on privacy in law enforcement

EU Council

On October 9, 2015, the Council of the European Union agreed on Data Protection Regulation proposal. This agreement enables the Luxembourg presidency to start discussions with the European Parliament also on that part of the Data Protection Regulation concerning the protection of personal data processed for the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses or the execution of criminal offenses or the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security.

The objective of the draft is to ensure a high level of protection of personal data and to facilitate the exchange of personal data between law enforcement authorities within the European Union.

On June 2015, Ministers in the Justice Council had already sealed a General Approach on the Commission Data Protection Regulation proposal.

Contacts between the European Council, the Parliament, and the Commission to organize trilogue negotiations are underway. The institutions plan to reach an agreement on the whole data protection package by the end of the year.

More information on Data protection for police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters is available at…           Open Pdf

More material on the General Data Protection Regulation Proposal is available at…

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