EU Data Protection Regulation update: “one stop shop” mechanism only in important cross-border cases

On March 13, 2015, the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council (one of the configurations of the Council of the European Union) made some progress on the EU data protection framework and the Proposal for a European Regulation on data protection. The EU Council agreed on a partial general approach (7178/15) on the “One Stop Shop” mechanism and the principles for protecting personal data.

–      “One Stop Shop” mechanism (chapters VI and VII) – it will only apply in important cross-border cases. The lead supervisory authority will decide whether it deals with a case within the One-Stop-Shop mechanism or whether the supervisory authority which originated the notice, should deal with the case at a local level. The data protection authorities are called to cooperate and issue joint decisions. The jointly-agreed decision shall be adopted by the data protection authority in the best position to deliver the most effective protection from the data subject’s perspective.

–      Principles of data processing (chapter II) – The EU Council endorsed a set of principles for lawful, fair, and transparent data processing. The text agreed upon includes measures to obtain informed consent from data subjects. The EU Council place specific emphasis on the processing of special categories of personal data.

Press release available at… Open Pdf 

Chapters VI and VII, Proposed Data Protection Regulation, are available at http://register.consilium.europa… Open Pdf

Chapters II, Proposed Data Protection Regulation, is available at http://data.consilium.europa…  Open Pdf

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