Monique Altheim, The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework v. the State of Online Consumer Privacy in the US

Conclusion from the article:

“While in the Washington, D.C., the different stakeholders seemed to finally agree on a need for more transparancy for consumers, but were still unsure on whether to implement it through legislation, regulation, self regulation, or Do Not Track mechanisms that so far have no oversight nor enforcement of the user’s wishes, in Brussels, the regulators were arguing for more stringent transparency and for an additional right of the data subject, the right to be forgotten.

While the general understanding in the US is that we are moving towards a system of self-regulation, with maybe a very basic and vague privacy bill for good measure, the EU seems to be moving towards a much more stringent application of personal data protection of its citizens.

When asked about the possibility of including self-regulation in the future framework, Vivian Reding answered: “Self-regulation is an interesting concept, but it has to be based on EU law, has to be compatible with EU law and has to be enforceable.”

As Sophie in’t Velt woefully noted: “We still have a lot of work to do across both sides of the Atlantic.”

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