NYSE, a 2015 Survey, Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

In May 2015, New York Stock Exchange NYSE Governance Services surveyed nearly 200 directors of public companies representing a variety of industries—including financial services, technology, and health care—to discover how they view cybersecurity in the boardroom. The goal of the survey goal was to gain insight into how cybersecurity is being understood, prioritized, and addressed at the board level.

Here are some of the facts of major interest:

  • Two thirds of directors “lack confidence in their companies’ ability to thwart an attack and are increasingly holding the CEO and, in some cases, the entire executive team responsible in the event of a breach
  • Brand damage, corporate espionage, and breach costs are directors’ top three concerns
  • The more you increase security, the less user friendly the product becomes
  • Third-party/software supply chain risk is a significant concern

The 2015 Survey, Cybersecurity in the Boardroom, is available at https://www.veracode.com…