Obama administration’s Executive Order to fight data breach: a transition to chip-and-PIN cards

In order to strengthen data security the Government shall employ enhanced security features, including chip-and-PIN technology, when processing payments.

On October 22, 2014, President Obama signed a new Executive Order containing this and other provisions to fight data breaches and improve identity theft remediation.

The Executive Order is the first part of the new BuySecure Initiative implemented to improve the security of consumers financial transactions.

“Given that identity crimes, including credit, debit, and other payment card fraud, continue to be a risk to U.S. economic activity, and given the economic consequences of data breaches, the United States must take further action to enhance the security of data in the financial marketplace. While the U.S. Government’s credit, debit, and other payment card programs already include protections against fraud, the Government must further strengthen the security of consumer data and encourage the adoption of enhanced safeguards nationwide in a manner that protects privacy and confidentiality while maintaining an efficient and innovative financial system”.

The Executive Order is available at http://www.whitehouse…

More information on the BuySecure Initiative are available here

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