Russia: Increase of fines for data protection breaches

We would like to inform you of the proposed changes to the Russian Code of the Administrative Offences (hereinafter the “Code of Administrative Offenses”). These changes are aimed at increasing and differentiating administrative liability for violation of Russian personal data protection legislation.

On January 11, 2017 the respective draft bill was adopted by the Lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament in the second (of three) hearing.

Currently under Russian law there is one administrative offence relating to data protection. It implies violation of the procedure for collecting, storing, using or disseminating personal data and entails a fine up to RUB 10 000 (approx. EUR 158) for the legal entities.

The mentioned draft bill differentiates liability depending on the type of violation of data protection legislation and increases fines for non-compliance.

To find an overview of the envisaged offences and penalties, click here.


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