Swiss and Israeli DPAs blocked data transfer to US after ECJ’s invalidation of Safe Harbor

After the ECJ’s decision invalidating the Safe Harbor, other countries are following that path questioning data transfers to the US.

The Swiss Data Protection Authority (FDPIC) opined that

 when dealing with modern means of communication, the use of certain tools and the disclosure of personal data should always be approached with caution. If data has to be stored externally, it should wherever possible be stored by European providers on servers in Europe. Swiss businesses and authorities that use products and services provided by American companies should enter into additional agreements to secure better protection for the persons concerned and their data. See here.

 According to this source, also Israel’s Data Protection Authority (ILITA) revoked on October 19, 2015, its prior authorization to the transfers of data from Israel to the U.S. that rely on Safe Harbor.

For more information, Francesca Giannoni-Crystal


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