Italian DPA issued guidelines on online profiling of personal data

On March 19, 2015, the Italian Data Protection Authority issued Doc 3881513 providing guidelines for web operators performing online profiling. The document applies to web operators established in Italy.

The guidelines clarify the principles applicable to profiling activities aiming at singling out users. These profiling activities generally aim at offering targeted services, or advertisement, as well as at monitoring users’ behaviors and monetizing their profiles.

The guidelines concern the profiling carried out through the automatic processing of personal data related to the use of e-mail services, and the crossing of data gathered through the use of web services. The document does not cover the information gathered through cookies (see below) or patterns.

The guidelines clarify and provide guidance with reference to (i) the information that shall be provided to users; (ii) the duty to obtain the data subject’s consent; (iii) the data subject’s right to oppose the data processing; and (iv) a proportionate data retention policy.

The same protection is to be granted to authenticated users (that use a service through an account, for example an e-mail account), as well as to those that do not have a specific account to access the website.

Guidelines on the online profiling of personal data, Linee guida in materia di trattamento di dati personali per profilazione on line, dated March 19, 2015, and published on the Official Journal n. 103 dated May 6, 2015, are available (in Italian) at….                     Open Pdf

The related press release is available (in Italian) at…

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More information on the Italian Data Protection Authority’s Decision on information and consent requirements for the use of cookies, Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l’informativa e l’acquisizione del consenso per l’uso dei cookie, — doc. web n. 3118884 is available at…


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