The UK is considering a bill on mass surveillance

images (23)On November 4, 2015, the House of Commons introduced a draft titled “Investigatory Powers Bill”. The Bill would govern the use of investigatory powers by law enforcement and security and intelligence agencies to access UK citizens’ internet data use. Among other provisions, the Bill would oblige service providers to help intercept data if there was a warrant and it was “reasonably practical”.

The Bill will be discussed over the next few months, and it should be revised in Parliament by Spring 2016.

Even though the fight against terrorist might push for a quick enactment, several privacy concerns have been raised. See here and here.

More information in the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill is available at…

UPDATE: The House of Commons agreed a carry-over motion for this Bill on 15 March 2016.  This means that Parliament will resume its consideration of the Bill in the 2016-17 session at the point the Bill reached this session. See more here:

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