U.S. has the strongest cybersecurity in the world, according to the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI)

On May 28, 2015, ABI Research and the International Telecommunication Union issued a Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) report according to which the U.S. has the strongest cybersecurity in the world.

The CGI aims at providing a worldwide snapshot of where countries stand on cybersecurity. It drafts a country-level index and a global ranking on cybersecurity readiness by measuring the sophistication of nations’ legal, technical, organizational, capacity building and cooperation regarding cybersecurity. The long-term aim of the report “is to drive further efforts in the adoption and integration of cybersecurity on a global scale”.

According to the document, the U.S. ranked first, followed by Canada. Australia, Malaysia, and Oman tied for third place. Nine countries tied for last place, including North Korea.

In support of its conclusion that the U.S. has the strongest cybersecurity in the world, the report cites a long list of legal provisions in force in the U.S. to protect cybersecurity, including federal cybersecurity statutes. It also mentions a series of technical measures employed at the national level, aimed at implementing cybersecurity standards, technical response teams, and certification. In addition, it signals – among other things – that the U.S. established a series of inter-agency, interstate, and international cooperation efforts to facilitate sharing cybersecurity assets across its borders.

However, overall the world still has ways to go. According to the report, “unfortunately, cybersecurity is not yet at the core of many national and industrial technology strategies. Although cybersecurity efforts are numerous, they are eclectic and dispersed.”


The “Global Cybersecurity Index & Cyberwellness Profiles Report 2015” is available at http://www.itu.int…

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