Users must have easy access to apps privacy policy, 23 privacy authorities around the world opine

On December 9, 2014, twenty-three privacy authorities from around the world signed a joint letter (specifically addressed to Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry and but intended for all companies operating app marketplaces) urging companies to make links to privacy policies mandatory for all applications that collect personal information.

The authorities acknowledge the fact that numerous apps collect personal information without any privacy policy (or up-front privacy information), “thus removing the ability for individuals to be meaningfully informed when making decisions about the collection, use, and/or disclosure of their personal information”.

The authorities urged marketplace operators to “make the basic commitment to require each app that can access or collect personal information, to provide users with timely access to the app’s privacy policy”.

The letter dated December 9, 2014 is available at https://www.priv.gc…

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