CCBE,“Electronic Communication and the Internet – Guidance for Lawyers CCBE”

This is a guidance issued by the CCBE (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) to European lawyers in the use of the e-mails and the Internet. The first 2 pages are a “Summary of guidance” dealing with: (I) Content of e-mail and Internet sites Data; (II) Lawyer correspondence; (III) Safeguarding professional secrecy and personal data; (IV) Safeguarding copyright; (V) Best practice; (VI) Archiving of electronic documents and e-mails; (VII) Awareness of hidden data in files and documents.


The CCBE in the FOREWORD makes the point that

“1.  The electronic provision of legal services, via electronic mail (‘e-mail’), the Internet or any other new technology, offers lawyers an opportunity to enhance the quality of their services and the speed at which these can be delivered to their clients. Without proper guidance, however, e-services can result in serious losses for which a firm, and lawyer, may be held liable.

6.  To assist law societies, bars and firms in producing their own policy, the CCBE has drafted a model Internet and e-mail policy. This may need to be adapted to a country’s own professional rules and to the firm’s particular circumstances. It is recommended that, once adopted, the policy be disseminated among all the firm’s staff together with other suitable advice.”


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