Google sues SEO company

On September 16, 2015, Google filed a complaint in federal court against a Californian corporation that provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO companies help businesses to have their website rank high on search engines.

According to the complaint, Defendant falsely claimed to represent Google, or to be certified and affiliated with it. Google also claimed that Defendant alleged to be able to guarantee a first-page placement in GOOGLE search results, and made certain other false and misleading statements.

Google clarifies that it did not contract with Defendant to provide SEO services, and that it did not approve, sponsor or endorse Defendant or its services. In addition, Defendant’s statements guaranteeing a first-page placement in GOOGLE search results constitute false statements “because no SEO company, including Defendant, can guarantee such placement”.

In light of the above, Google requested preliminary and permanent injunctive relief restraining Defendant from: (i) using GOOGLE trademark or representing in any manner to be a Google’s Partner; (ii) using any false description capable of misleading the public; and (iii) representing that its services can result in a specific placement in GOOGLE search.

Google Inc. v. Local Lighthouse Corp., case number 3:15-cv-04219, from California Northern Court is available at…                           Open Pdf


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