NJ Disciplinary Board suspends Attorney for 3 months for insulting email remarks to opposing counsel

In the matter of Jared E. Stolz an attorney at law, Docket No. DRB 13-331 (2014) 

The ethics charges against Attorney arose out of his representation of a defendant in a lawsuit.

Throughout the course of the litigation there was a great deal of animosity between counsel. In response to the opposing counsel’s inquiries and comments, Attorney sent offensive emails.

Attorney himself defined the words used in the emails inexcusable, undignified and “venomous.”

The Disciplinary Board held that Attorney’s conduct was unethical:

“The sarcastic and sophomoric comments made in the emails and fax set forth in count one demonstrated a failure to treat [opponent counsel] …with “courtesy and consideration,” as required by RPC 3.2. The wildly inappropriate – indeed, discriminatory — comments set forth in count two also demonstrated a lack of courtesy and consideration.”

The Board concluded:

“Given the totality of respondent’s misconduct, that is, his insulting remarks to [opposing counsel] …, in writing and in person, his misrepresentations to [opposing counsel]  …and to [the] Judge …, and the obvious lack of early recognition of and regret for his actions, we determine a three-month suspension is the appropriate measure of discipline for this respondent”.

Rules RPC 8.4(c), RPC 3.3(a)(1), RPC 3.3(a)(5), RPC 4.1(a)

Full text available at http://www.judiciary.state…

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