Los Angeles County Bar Association Opinion 2012-525

Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee

Topic: Ethical Duties of Lawyers in Connection with Adverse Comments Published by a Former Client

Conclusion from the opinion:

“The Committee concludes that the attorney may publicly respond to such comments as long as the rebuttal: (1) does not disclose any confidential information; (2) does not injure the former client in any matter involving the prior representation; and (3) is proportionate and restrained.”

Los Angeles County Bar Association Opinion 2012-525 is available at http://www.lacba…

Relevant Law: California Rules of Professional Conduct: 3-100(A); ABA Rules of professional Conduct 1.6(b)(5)

Mentioned Ethics Opinions: Los Angeles County Bar Ass’n Form. Opn. No. 396 (1982); 452 (1982); 498 (1999); 519 (2007); Cal. State Bar Form. Opn. 1983-71 (1983)