Massive violations in US health data


In February 2019 there have been reports of violations of health data affecting thousands of patients in US medical centers.

One of the major breaches affected 974,000 patients at the University of Washington clinic (see here), while the other involved 326,000 users of UConn Health, a large medical center academic (see here).

In both cases, the hackers were able to access names, birth dates, email addresses, billing data, information on appointments for medical examinations and clinical examinations, patient health information, and even social security numbers (SSN).

The medical centers said they sent letters to all patients whose data was exposed.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) counts around 50 healthcare investigations on data breaches started since the beginning of 2019.


UConn Health Notice of Data Security Incident is available at…


A list of the breaches under investigation by the Office for Civil Rights is available at…



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