New York County Lawyers’ Association Ethics Opinion 748

Committee on Professional Ethics

Topic: The ethical implications of attorney profiles on LinkedIn

From the digest:

“Attorneys may maintain profiles on LinkedIn, containing information such as education, work history, areas of practice, skills, and recommendations written by other LinkedIn users. A LinkedIn profile that contains only one’s education and current and past employment does not constitute Attorney Advertising. If an attorney includes additional information in his or her profile, such as a description of areas of practice or certain skills or endorsements, the profile may be considered Attorney Advertising, and should contain the disclaimers set forth in Rule 7.1. Categorizing certain information under the heading “Skills” or “Endorsements” does not, however, constitute a claim to be a “Specialist” under Rule 7.4, and is accordingly not barred, provided that the information is truthful and accurate. (…)

New York Rules of Professional Conduct: 7.1; 7.4

The full text of the opinion is available at http://pdfserver.amlaw…