Ohio Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline Opinion 99-4

[WARNING – CPR Opinion-provides advice under the Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility which is superseded by the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, eff. 2/1/2007.]

Topic: Law Firm Web Site Domain

Syllabus of the Board:

Although it is preferable for an attorney to use his or her law firm name as part of the domain name for the law firm’s world wide web site, it is not improper for an attorney to use other letters, words, or numbers provided that the domain name is not a false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, self-laudatory, or unfair statement as prohibited under DR 2-101(A)(1) and does not imply special competence or experience as prohibited under DR 1-105(A)(6).

The full opinion is available at: http://www.supremecourt.ohio…