Privacy Shield update: Article 31 committee did not reach an agreement on binding opinion

The members of the Article 31 committee (i.e. the Member States in “comitology” and chaired by a European Commission official pursuant to Article 31 of Directive 95/46/EC) were unable to reach an agreement on May 19, 2016. More time is necessary to evaluate the implications of the Privacy Shield. As we know, there must be an Article 31 committee’s binding opinion on the EU Commission’s adequacy decision for the Privacy Shield to be approved. See here the Privacy Shield’s timetable

At least 16 Member States must approve the Commission’s proposal for the Privacy Shield to become a reality.

The committee has veto power over the agreement ​and must reach a qualified majority of 16 Member States in favor before it can move forward, the report states.

For more information: Francesca Giannoni-Crystal