Ravel, the visual legal research system

The ABA published an interesting article on Ravel (https://www.ravellaw.com/), a new way to do legal research. The main idea is a different presentation of the search results: rather than displaying only a list of text entries, Ravel draws a visual map of the results, “showing the relationships among cases and their relative importance to each other.”

If you enter a search query, you are still presented “the standard list of matching cases displayed … But across the left three-quarters you see a cluster map showing the cases as circles of various sizes. The larger the circle, the more important the case; the most relevant cases appear in the center.” Some circles are connected with lines, which means that one case cites to another — the thicker the line the more significant is the reliance of one case on the other. The website is still in beta stage – its use is currently free of charge. Read the full ABA article at http://www.abajournal…


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