Spanish DPA’s guidance on cookies

On Nov 8, 2019 also the Spanish DPA (Agencia espanola de proteccion de datos – AEPD) issued a guidance on cookies. The guidance (“Guia Sobre el Uso del las Cookies”, “Guia”) applies to cookies and other technologies.

After an introduction, the Guia consists of 4 sections:1. ALCANCE DE LAS NORMAS (scope); 2 TERMINOLOGÍA Y DEFINICIONES (Terms and Definitions); 3 OBLIGACIONES (Requirements), 4. RESPONSABILIDAD DE LAS PARTES EN LA UTILIZACIÓN DE COOKIES (Responsibilities of the parties on the use of cookies).  Here are  some details about the Guia.

Other published guidelines on cookies:

July 2019 ICO: Guidance on the use of cookies and similar technologies.

July 2019 CNIL:  CNIL’s guidelines on cookies and tracking devices

March 2019 the Association of German data protection authorities published its position

See here an article that details the differences among these documents.

In March 2019, the Dutch DPA opined that cookie walls are not compliant with GDPR.

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