The “Sedona Bubble” and the Top 3 TAR Trends of 2013, by e-discovery geeks

From the article:

References to the ‘Sedona Bubble’ are overheard more and more commonly at conferences dealing with cutting edge topics like the use of predictive coding technology in eDiscovery. The ‘Sedona Bubble’ refers to a small number of lawyers and judges (most of whom are members of The Sedona Conference) that are fully engaged in discussions about issues that influence the evolution of modern discovery practice. Let’s face it. The fact that only a small percentage of judges and lawyers drive important eDiscovery policy decisions is more than just a belief, it is reality…Although some barriers to widespread predictive coding adoption remain, it is clear that the future of predictive coding is now. Eventually best practices for using these technologies will rise to the surface and the tools themselves will improve. For example, most tools today require complex statistical calculations to be made manually. That means hiring consultants and/or statisticians to crunch the numbers in order to ensure a defensible process which increases costs. The tools themselves can also be costly because most providers charge a premium to use predictive coding solutions. However, price pressure is already afoot and some providers offer their predictive coding technology at no additional cost. In short, despite some early challenges, most of those within the Sedona Bubble believe predictive coding is here to stay.


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