TechLaw10 is a 10-minute audio podcast update from U.S. lawyer Eric Sinrod (Duane Morris) and UK lawyer Jonathan Armstrong (Cordery) where they share insights on developments where technology intersects with the law in the EU and the U.S.

Technethics selected the following list of podcasts whose topic is particularly relevant to Technology and Ethics. The list is updated as of date of publication:

Episode 156: Identity Control Via Subject Access Requests

Episode 155: Ashley Madison: The Latest Tool In Cyber Warfare

Episode 154: Revenge Porn and Adultery Website Breach Ramifications

Episode 153: Disturbing Hacking of Companies and Governments

Episode 152: Anonymous Marital Infidelity Website May Not Be So Anonymous

Episode 151: Should We Forget The Right To Be Forgotten?

Episode 150: Seeking to Insure Cyber Risks

Episode 149: Did Video Actually Save The Music Star?

Episode 148: Artificial Intelligence and the Creation of New Human Beings

Episode 147: Periscope, Meerkat and Inherent Risks of Live Streaming

Episode 146: High-Tech Perils – Security Risks, Drones and More

Episode 145: Staggering Statistics Showing Privacy Non-Compliance

Episode 143: Shining Light on Hillary Clinton’s State Department Emails

Episode 142: Youth Penalized In Online Advertising

Episode 141: Smartphones Can Do Anything. Or Can They?

Episode 139: Internet Companies Seek To Preserve CDA Section 230 Immunity

Episode 138: The Long, Hard Road to New EU Data Protection Laws

Episode 136: Right to be Forgotten, to Get It Wrong and (Don’t You) Forget About Me

Episode 135: The Year Ahead in TechLaw – Privacy, Security and Lines Blurring

Episode 134: An Unprecedented Year in Technology Law

Episode 129: It’s A Small, Interconnected World After All

Episode 128: Fines for Negative Online Reviews and the Onset of Virtual Travel

Episode 127: Jennifer Lawrence – The Naked Legal Truth

Episode 126: Is The Safe Harbor Really Safe?

Episode 123: We Can’t Forget the Right to be Forgotten

Episode 122: Lawyers Given Green Light to Review Jurors’ Social Media Sites

Episode 121: Legal Risks Of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Episode 119: The right to be forgotten on the internet

Episode 118: Heads Roll With Security and Communications Lapses 

Episode 117: New Google Case Shows Importance of Care When it Comes to SEO

Episode 115: Exposed – Beware of a Twitter Tagging

Episode 113: Loose Lips Sink Settlement Ships

Episode 109: Safe Harbor Developments Impact Cross Border Data Transfers

Episode 108: First Google Glass Prosecution – Vision of the Future?

Episode 107: UK Attempts to Police Social Media—Insights from Hartlepool

Episode 105: To Tax Or Not To Tax Online Purchases?

Episode 102: Facebook Privacy Policies Scrutinized By FTC

Episode 101: BA Twitter Case and Why Companies Must Pay Attention to Social Media Complaints

Episode 99: Obama Administration Pitching Cybersecurity Incentives

Episode 97: Safety For Lawyers In The Cloud

Episode 96: As The Cookies Crumble

Episode 95: Obama Administration Seeks To Grapple With Online Monitoring Fallout

Episode 91: EU Data Privacy Regulations—Current Status

Episode 90: Facebook Complaints Do Not Justify Employer Termination of Employees, NLRB Rules

Episode 89: Postcard From Brazil: Challenges of Data Review

Episode 87: Court Voids Web Site Limitation of Liability Clause

Episode 85: Cyberwarfare, Here and Now?

Episode 84: Lessons Learned From Media Cyber Attacks

Episode 83: Social Media & Legal Ethics and Concerns

Episode 82: Mapping Out The Ambit Of The Attorney-Client Privilege

Episode 81: FTC Resolves Some Competition Issues With Google; Will Europe Follow Suit?

Episode 80: Brave New World of e-Discovery

Episode 79: Proposed Two-Year Ban on Internet Legislation – Really?

Episode 75: Dangers to Going Mobile

Episode 74: Social Media In Corporate Crises

Episode 73: Cybercrime and Its Severe Impact

Episode 72: Privacy For Mobile Devices?

Episode 67: Cybersecurity for Lawyers and Law Firms

Episode 64: Jubilee Special: How the World of Technology Has Changed Since 1952

Episode 63: Music: Storage, The Cloud and Disaster Recovery

Episode 62: Olympic IT Concerns For London 2012

Episode 60: New Developments In E-Discovery: US and EU Potential Conflicts

Episode 57: Sweet Success For Mars In Twitter Case

Episode 56: Obama U.S. Privacy Proposal & Potential European Reaction

Episode 54: Cloud Computing and the Cultural Clash of Privacy Regulation

Episode 53: New EU Data Rules, Facebook and Some Canada

Episode 52: GPS Supreme Court Ruling, UK Juror Jailed For Online Conduct and New York Tech News

Episode 48: Regulatory Authorities Crack Down On False Internet Claims

Episode 44: eDiscovery Limitations on the Horizon in U.S. Courts?

Episode 42: Internal Investigations In New Cloud Era

Episode 41: U.S. Appellate Court Protects Email of Foreigners On Domestic Servers

Episode 39: FTC Seeks To Protect Personal Data In Bankruptcy Proceedings

Episode 38: Privacy Spanning The Globe

Episode 37: FTC Spots False Internet Claims and Puts Skin In the Game

Episode 35: EU Shows Cookie Intolerance

Episode 31: Don’t Shower With Your Laptop: Internet Privacy Concerns

Episode 27: Court Orders Loser to Pay eDiscovery Costs

Episode 19: Beware the FTC When It Comes To Privacy Violations

Episode 12: Transparency for Data Security Breaches

Episode 9: The Influence of Social Media and the Internet on Jury Trials

Episode 4: Data Security

Episode 3: E-Discovery

Episode 2: Cloud Computing

Episode 1: Social Networking Issues in the U.S. and UK