What Google should do to bring its privacy policy in line with the Italian Data Protection Code, according to the Italian DPA

On July 10, 2014, the Italian Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) issued a resolution to protect the privacy of Google’s services users in Italy.

According to the decision, Google may not process users’ data for profiling without the subjects’ prior consent; furthermore, Google shall specifically inform the users that it is profiling them for marketing purposes.

The Italian DPA laid down a set of measures concerning the information to be given to users (so as to clearly provide the most relevant information), the prior consent that shall be obtained, and the data retention periods.  The measures apply to all services offered by Google in Italy

The Decision Setting forth Measures Google Inc. is Required to Take to Bring the Processing of Personal Data under Google’s New Privacy Policy into Line with the Italian Data Protection Code -10 July 2014 [3295641] is available at http://www.garanteprivacy…


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