White House presents Discussion Draft for Bill on Consumer Privacy

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On February 27, 2015, the White House presented a Discussion Draft on Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.

The proposed Privacy Bill aims at establishing protections for individual privacy and at implementing it through enforceable codes of conduct.

According to the draft, covered entities shall process consumers personal data abiding, among others, to the following principles:

  • transparency –  by providing consumers adequate notice about privacy and security practices;
  • individual control – consumers shall be able to control the processing of their data;
  • focused collection and responsible use – each covered entity may only collect, retain, and use personal data in a manner that is reasonable in light of context;
  • adequate security – security shall be adequate in order to avoid unauthorized disclosure.

The Bill would empower the Federal Trade Commission to enforce the mentioned principles, and to hold covered entity liable for civil penalties.

Finally, the draft envisions a Safe Harbor for those covered entities that adopt Codes of Conduct compliant with the Bill.

The NY Times reported that the proposed Privacy Bill has been criticized because it would not empower consumers enough, while giving too much leeway to companies.

The Discussion Draft: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015 is available at http://www.whitehouse…

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