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Francesca Giannoni-Crystal

April 14, 2018

US discovery rules will likely override your EU privacy obligation: Plan ahead!

The E.D. Michigan held that despite European data protection laws that might restrict disclosure of personal information, a US litigant must comply with federal discovery rules even ...

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Allyson Haynes Stuart

January 24, 2018

The (E)Discovery of Things: Privacy in Internet-Connected Devices

The Internet of Things has created discoverable data repositories not only out of cell phones but many other household items.  Smart watches calculate our steps ...

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Francesca Giannoni-Crystal, Federica Romanelli

December 31, 2017

US law firms – especially immigration lawyers – dealing with EU data subject be shall be mindful of future privacy changes

  On May 2018, Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on the Protection of Natural Persons with Regard to the Processing of personal Data and on the Free ...

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