New York City Bar Formal Opinion 2012-1

Topic: bligations Upon Receiving a Document Not Intended for the Recipient A lawyer who receives a misdirected communication must notify the sender but does not have to destroy or return it. The New York City Bar Committee on Professional Ethics issued Formal Opinion 2012-01 which contemplates the ethical obligations of a lawyer who receives a […]

American Bar Association Amendments to Model Rule 1.6

During its August 2012 Annual Meeting, the ABA House of Delegates approved the recommendations sponsored by the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20. The amendments substantially recognize the evolving use of technology in the advertisement and practice of law and the increasing mobility of lawyers. In particular, the amendments introduced the concept of reasonable efforts to […]

California State Bar Opinion 2010-179

Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct   Topic: General use of technology by lawyers – reasonable precautions to avoid unauthorized access by third parties. Digest of the Committee: “Whether an attorney violates his or her duties of confidentiality and competence when using technology to transmit or store confidential client information will depend on the […]