Website to predict cases with 70% accuracy

Law professor Josh Blackman creates fantasy SCOTUS. In his blog the professor affirms “my co-authors Daniel Martin Katz, Michael J. Bommarito II, and I have designed a general approach to predicting the behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States. Using only data available prior to the date of decision, our model correctly identifies 69.7% of the Court’s overall affirm […]

New York State Bar Opinion 938

Committee on Professional Ethics  Topic: Law firm ownership of business that provides nonlegal services and pays for “leads” Digest of the Committee: “Law firm that owns an entity providing nonlegal SSDI services is not subject to legal ethics rules as to those services, and no ethical violation would arise from entity’s purchase of leads to […]

New York State Bar Opinion 933

Committee on Professional Ethics – Opinion 933 Topic: Dual practice; real estate broker; law office. Digest of the Committee: “A lawyer may conduct a law practice and a real estate brokerage business in the same office, and may advertise them together provided that the advertising is neither false nor misleading, but may not act as […]

New York State Bar Opinion 494

Committee on Professional Ethics  (Overrules in part Opinion No. 22, 128, 200, and 206) Topic: Dual practice; Certified Public Accountant; Letterheads; Professional Cards Digest of the Committee: “Letterhead and professional cards may state lawyer is licensed as a certified public accountant” Code (opinion issued prior to adoption of current rules): DR 2-101 (A) through (D), […]