District of Columbia Bar Opinion 370

Opinion No. 370 of the District of Columbia Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee   Topic: Social Media I, Marketing and Personal Use   Conclusion of the Committee: “Social media is a constantly changing area of technology. Social media can be an effective tool for providing information to the public, for networking and for communications. However, using […]

New York City Bar Opinion 2015-3 on Internet Scams to Lawyers

  In Formal Opinion 2015-3, the Committee on Professional Ethics of NY City Bar opined on the increasing recurrence of internet scams directed to lawyers Digest of the opinion: “An attorney who discovers that he is the target of an Internet-based trust account scam does not have a duty of confidentiality towards the individual attempting […]

ABA Formal Opinion 465

American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Topic: Lawyers’ Use of Deal-of-the-Day Marketing Programs The Committee analyzed two types of programs: coupon and prepaid. In a coupon program, the purchaser buys a voucher entitling the purchaser to a discount on legal fees. In the prepaid plan, the purchaser pays a lump sum […]

Maryland State Bar Association Opinion 2012-07

Committee on Ethics Topic: Lawyers’ Use of Deal-of-the-Day Marketing Programs The Committee addressed whether a lawyer’s use of a third party company that brokers discounted services to online customers violates rule of professional conduct. Where websites collect fees upfront and retains percentage of purchase price, arrangement it shall be considered as cost of advertising and […]

State Bar of Arizona Ethics Opinion 13-01

State Bar Association Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct Topic: Lawyers’ Use of Deal-of-the-Day Marketing Programs Digest of the Committee: Whether an Internet marketing voucher or coupon sold by a lawyer for legal representation is consistent with the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct will depend on the terms and conditions of the voucher or […]

Alabama State Bar Opinion 2012-01

Office of General Counsel Formal Opinion Topic: Lawyers’ Use of Deal-of-the-Day Marketing Programs From the Opinion: use of daily deal websites, such as Groupon, violates or potentially violates a number of rules of professional conduct. Rules: 1.1; 1.15(a); 1.3; 5.4 (a); 7.2 (c); 7.2 (f) Referenced Ethics Opinions: New York State Bar Opinion 897 North […]

Indiana State Bar Association Opinion 1, 2012-JDH-1

Legal Ethics Committee Topic: Lawyers’ Use of Deal-of-the-Day Marketing Programs Analysis of the Committee: The Indiana State Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee has looked at the burgeoning group coupon forms of social media marketing. The Ethics Committee’s analysis is that such social media marketing is fraught with peril and is likely not permitted in its […]