New York State Bar Opinion 1077

Committee on Professional Ethics Topic: “Record retention and electronic storage.” Digest of the Committee: “A law firm may scan original signed retainer agreements into the firm computer system and then destroy the original agreements, provided that the firm maintains the scanned copies for seven years after the events they record.   Relevant Law: New York’s […]

Scanned copy of signed retainer agreement must be retained for seven years if the original is destroyed – NYSBA Opinion 1077

On December 9, 2015, the Committee on Professional Ethics of the New York State Bar issued Opinion 1077 providing guidelines on how law firms should keep record of retainer and compensation agreements with clients. A law firm with “a high volume practice” that receives “thousands of signed retainer agreements” every year asked whether they “may […]

South Carolina State Bar Ethics, Advisory Opinion 14-01

Ethics Advisory Committee Topic: Fees and Duty of Confidentiality – Matching Services The Committee was asked to opine on the ethical propriety of following arrangement: potential client pays a fee to a group XYZ which acts as an attorney matching service for family court matters. XYZ pays $800 to attorney to consult with the client, and attend one […]