South Carolina State Bar Ethics, Advisory Opinion 18-05

Ethics Advisory Committee Topic: Lawyer accepting earnest money deposits from a client through PayPal   Summary from the opinion A lawyer is required to hold property of clients or third persons in connection with representation separate from the lawyer’s own property, but can comply with that obligation if the PayPal account in question does not […]

New York City Bar Opinion 2015-3 on Internet Scams to Lawyers

  In Formal Opinion 2015-3, the Committee on Professional Ethics of NY City Bar opined on the increasing recurrence of internet scams directed to lawyers Digest of the opinion: “An attorney who discovers that he is the target of an Internet-based trust account scam does not have a duty of confidentiality towards the individual attempting […]

North Carolina State Bar 2011 Formal Ethics Opinion 7

Topic: Using Online Banking to Manage a Trust Account From the opinion: “Opinion rules that a law firm may use online banking to manage its trust accounts provided the firm’s managing lawyers are regularly educated on the security risks and actively maintain end-user security.” Rules: North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct 1.15 North Carolina State […]