New York State Bar Opinion 1049

Committee on Professional Ethics Topic: Solicitation Digest of the Committee: “Where a potential client posts a message on a website asking to be contacted by a lawyer about a particular legal problem, a New York lawyer may respond in the manner invited by the potential client.  A response invited by the potential client does not […]

Catherine Foti, Social Media for Attorneys: Good Business or Ethical Minefield?

Author warns New York lawyers using social media that: –          attorney advertising and solicitation rules apply to social media posts; –          attorneys must beware of “pre-defined” headings used in social media networking sites. The full text is available at: http://www.forbes…

New York State Bar Opinion 1014

Committee on Professional Ethics Topic: Solicitation, client recommendation Digest of the Committee: “Lawyer may contact prospective client recommended by current client when prospective client has made known that lawyer should contact the prospective client and the lawyer did not make any payment or give any other consideration to the current client for the recommendation.” Rules: […]

New York State Bar Opinion 1009

Committee on Professional Ethics Topic:  Advertising; solicitation; press releases and tweets regarding shareholder litigation Digest of the Committee: “Press releases and tweets directed to potential clients in shareholder suits constitute advertising and solicitation. They are thus subject to retention requirements, and, if directed to New York recipients, are also subject to filing requirements. The tweets […]

Barry R. Temkin, Michael Stone, Solicitation by Defense Counsel: Ethical Pitfalls When Corporate Defense Counsel Offers Representation to Witnesses

Abstract: “The ban on solicitation by attorneys in ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 7.3, and its state counterparts, has generally been used to prevent ambulance chasing by plaintiffs’ attorneys. However, a recent New York decision has raised the possibility that a defense lawyer could be disciplined for solicitation when offering his services to a […]

Handbook on Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation

The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Advertising, Tenth Edition, 2013   TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction When the Lawyer Advertising Rules Apply When the Lawyer Advertising Rules Do Not Apply Prohibited Forms of Solicitation Regulations Governing Content Additional Regulations for Direct Mail & Email Communications to Prospective Clients– Rule 4-7.18 19 Lawyer Referral Services – Rule […]

Consiglio Nazionale Forense, decision of June 6, 2013, no. 89

Consiglio Nazionale Forense, sentenza del 6 giugno 2013, n. 89 Topics: Unethical advertisement, services offered at a symbolic price, accaparramento di clientela (“ambulance chasing”) Consiglio Nazionale Forense* (Italian National Bar Council) held that it is unethical for lawyers to advertise in the internet that their services are offered for free, at a symbolic price, or […]

The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Advertising Guidelines for Networking Sites

From the Guidelines: “The SCA has reviewed the networking media, and issues the following guidelines for lawyers using them. Pages of individual lawyers on social networking sites that are used solely for social purposes, to maintain social contact with family and close friends, are not subject to the lawyer advertising rules. Pages appearing on networking […]